Whether you already have a full collection of silver coin rings, or have just recently discovered this wonderful form of handmade jewelry.....WELCOME! to our website. Many of you may have seen, or even tried yourself the earlier process of making coin rings where they were formed by repetitively hitting the edge of a coin with a spoon. It has been suggested that soldiers during WW2 used this method to produce coin rings in what is today referred to as a form of "trench art". The process of making a coin ring has greatly improved over the years. Modern coin rings, if properly formed maintain the graphics of the coin on both the inner and outer band of the completed ring. This type of coin ring is often referred to as a "Double sided coin ring". Making nice coin rings is a skill that requires much practice and patience. There is also a significant investment  required in jewelers tools and equipment in order to provide the highest quality rings. CoinRings.net uses the highest quality tools and sizing equipment and has the experience and skills to provide the highest quality professional silver coin rings. All rings are sized and measured with digital calipers and have an accuracy of within (.005...five thousandths) of an inch to the diameter listed on a U.S. ring chart . One of the great things about coin jewelry is that there is a history associated with each and every coin used. Certain specific years may even be available allowing you to purchase a ring with the year of a birthdate of a special family member, etc. Just think about this...Our Morgan dollars that we use to make our Morgan dollar coin rings were one of the main forms of currency carried by the Cowboys and outlaws of the old west!. Its amazing to think that the coin used for your very ring could have been carried by Wyatt Earp himself (who knows). we have men's rings, women's rings and can even do matching rings. At CoinRings.net we only use real silver coins for our rings. Be careful when purchasing coin rings that the seller is using a genuine silver coin. Thank you for visiting our website!...If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.

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