Barber Coin Rings

   Size Range

6 through 12-1/2

 Band width    

Approx. 9 mm

   Size range 

  4 through 9

 Band width    

Approx. 6.5 mm

     Barber Quarter Rings


Half Dollar Rings

The Barber coin rings are available in both a Quarter version and a Half Dollar version. Both the Quarter and Half Dollar versions of the Barber silver coin ring have the same design, although the Half Dollar version has a wider band width (see comparison photo above showing both versions side by side). This presents the opportunity of making coin rings that have matching designs for wedding bands or simply matching couples silver rings.  Specific years can be hard to obtain for these rings, so we will automatically ship random years usually in the early 1900's. We may be able to obtain matching years, but please contact us before purchase to check availability and lead times. Whether you are looking for Mens coin rings or Womens coin rings, has you covered with the highest quality rings made from coins anywhere!