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Coin Ring Care

As you can see in the site photos, the antique finish we use on our silver coin rings creates a nice 2-tone effect that causes the graphics to stand out. But, how is this finish created, and what is it exactly?.....The dark part of the antique finish shown on all rings on the website is in fact nothing more than the natural tarnish produced by the silver alloy used in coins and all sterling silver jewelry. Just as sterling silver can be de-tarnished by rubbing with a cloth, The finish on the coin rings is not permanent, and it will gradually wear off with normal wear. Luckily, the finish can be easily re-applied and maintained at home with only a few basic supplies which are readily available and inexpensive. See care instructions below.

Supplies: Silver polishing cloth, 0000 grade steel wool, egg (or liver of sulfur gel), baking soda, dish soap, ammonia, old toothbrush, plastic zipper bags, aluminum foil, paper towels.


  • Hard boil an egg for 20 minutes (disregard if using liver of sulfur method)

  • Clean ring thoroughly using old toothbrush in hot water, with a drop of dish soap and a small amount of ammonia, dry ring.

  • For egg method: wrap ring in a small piece of paper towel to prevent ring from directly contacting egg. smash hot egg (shell and all) and place into zipper bag with wrapped ring and close bag. Wrap bagged ring/egg in aluminum foil to help keep hot for a while. Leave for 2 hours. remove ring, rinse and dry.

  • For liver of sulfur method: fill 1 disposable plastic bowl with 1 cup of very hot tap water, fill another with 1 cup cold water and add 2 TBSP baking soda. add approximately 1/4 tsp. of liver of sulfur gel to the hot water and mix. Add ring to hot water bowl and leave in solution for 2 minutes. remove from hot water and place into baking soda/cold water solution. remove ring, rinse and dry.

  • Pour baking soda solution into liver of sulfur solution to neutralize before disposal.

  • Very lightly rub 0000 steel wool over the high points of the graphics ( should take only a few seconds).

  • Use polishing cloth to bring ring to a final shine. Note: silver polishing cloths have 1 side with dry polish applied(usually the white side) and 1 side used for final shine. Use the side with the dry polish first.

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