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Coin Ring Sizing

Due to the process of making coin rings, they will always have a slight taper to the inside of the ring (see photos below). As a result of this taper one edge of the ring will measure larger than the other edge (approx. 1 full size). What does this mean for size selection?...Well, this means that although these rings have fairly wide band widths (between 6-11mm depending on ring type), the normal rules for size selection of wide band rings do not apply. A common mistake when ordering coin rings is ordering a half or full size larger due to the stated band width. In fact, the best approach when ordering coin rings is to get sized with very narrow try-on rings (1/8") and go with that size.  Many jewelery stores will size you for free and you can even go to Walmart's jewelry section and ask to use their try-on rings. We do not recommend using home methods such as printable sizers, strings, etc. as these are very unreliable. If only wide band sizers (1/4") are available such as those shown on the right in photo below, we recommend ordering a half size smaller than the size stated on try-on ring.

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