Walking Liberty Half Dollar Ring

 Band width    

Approx. 8mm

 Size range    

6 through 13

Standard Years

Key Years

We are sure (kinda :) that the designer of the Walking Liberty half dollar coin was thinking "These would be PERFECT for coin rings!". As you can see in the above photos, there are plenty of beautiful graphics on this coin that translate very well into silver coin ring jewelry. These rings are available in the years of 1939 through 1947 (1940 and 1947 "key years" purchase on right) If you select "Random year" from the drop down box, your silver coin ring will leave our facility within 2 business days from date of purchase. If a specific year is selected from the dropdown box your ring will leave our facility within 7 business days from date of purchase on most occasions. Normal shipping times apply after shipment date and are based on shipping method selected.